The cost of those Fine Art prints is around 400 US$.
We will inform you if there is a different cost for a specific image.
All of our prints are respecting the EPSON DIGIGRAPHIE® standards, therefore ensuring quality. time resistance of colors, signature and certification. We print on Cotton Textured Paper.
All the prints are signed, numbered and comes with a proper certificate.

For SMALLER or LARGER formats still in DIGIGRAPHIE® standard please send us a message and we will provide the relative cost and information.
Please note that the sizes may only respect the DIGIGRAPHIE® approved paper sizes.
The pictures will be signed and certificated but they will be no part of a specific edition with relative numbering.
Print Size (without borders) is generally 42 cm (16,5 inches) on the short side.
Editions are generally composed by 6 numbered copies.

Other sizes, within fine art paper formats, are available on request.
For prints on STANDARD, not Fine Art paper, in LARGE or SMALL SIZES.
The cost of those standard prints is around 250 US$.
We normally print on 250gr Semi Gloss Paper, but we can provide any format or size on request.
Send us a message and we will follow up with the relative information.

Please note that numbering, signing and certification are not included in this version.
To order a print please send us a message from contact indicating the code that appears at the bottom of each image.
We accept payments by PayPal or Bank Transfer.
Please note the following:
Print ACTUAL COLORS are corresponding to the fine art paper profile used.
You may require us a visual test and we can provide it in the digital format.
Print SIZES may vary slightly depending on the printing process.
For quality reasons we print in batches: please ask us for the possible DELIVERY time.

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